From the silver screen to athletes, musicians and beyond, Milwaukee has turned out some pretty significant names throughout history.  Known for our eclectic heritage, friendly nature and can-do spirit, it’s no wonder our little corner of the world has produced such impactful, creative and driven people over the years.  Just take a look at some of our most famous residents:

  • Liberace – The beloved sensation in the mid-1950s, Liberace was best known for his glitzy costumes and elaborate staging over his piano playing.  He truly set the standard for showmanship. By the 1970s he became a self-caricature with his excessively stylized outfits and piano that always featured a flashy candelabrum.
  • The Zucker Brothers – Milwaukee natives Jerry and David Zucker are best known for their comedic genius.  They appeared in the popular spoof films Airplane!Naked Gun, Naked Gun 2-1/2Naked Gun 33-1/3: The Final Insult, From the Files of Police Squad, and The Smell of Fear.  Both also went on to become successful film producers.
  • Tom Snyder – Milwaukee native and late night familiar face, Tom Snyder, got his broadcast start in a radio newsroom after graduating from Marquette University. He became a national figure in 1973 when he was named anchor of Tomorrow, a late-night television talk show that would later be replaced by Late Night with David Letterman.
  • Les Paul – Les Paul is perhaps one of the most important people in the evolution of the guitar.  He helped develop the solid-body electric guitar and pioneered the use of multi-track recording.
  • George Peck – George Peck was the creator of the first Dennis the Menace.  Peck became a household name and national celebrity when he introduced a kid named Hennery, a character who did terrible things to everybody, only to get his comeuppance in the end.  The story ran in his humor weekly called Peck’s Sun. Peck would also go on to become a Milwaukee mayor and state governor.
  • “Bud” Selig – Selig may be known nationally as the 9th Commissioner of Baseball, but Milwaukeeans know him as the man who kept baseball here in 1970.  
  • Dan Jansen – Olympian Dan Jansen is a retired American speed skater.  He won the gold medal in world record time during the 1994 Winter Olympic games.  
  • Spencer Tracy – Tracy is the only actor to win three Oscars for Best Actor.  He got his start playing gangsters but quickly moved on to perform in a string of movies in which he depicted Hollywood’s archetypal honest, tough, tenacious American of the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Carl Sandburg – Sandburg is a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and biographer.  He lived in Milwaukee for several years writing for newspapers and serving as secretary for Emil Seidel, the city’s first Socialist mayor.  He was best known for his poems about Chicago and writings about Abraham Lincoln.

One of the things Milwaukeeans are so proud of is the pool of talent that surrounds our community.  When you visit Milwaukee, you can really feel the drive of success around you, both past and present, and that continues to fuel our innovative spirit today. Here at Kinn Guesthouse, we would love to help you experience all of that and more – completely on your own terms. So, when you’re planning your next Milwaukee trip, be sure to check out our latest rates and suite availability. We’re so excited to be your home away from home!