We were over the moon to see this article in Vogue magazine come out this week, with a special shout out to our very own Kinn Guesthouse, as they shared all of the reasons why Milwaukee is the coolest city in the Midwest.  Of course, we already knew all of this! But, it’s so great to get the word out to the rest of the world about all of the amazing things that our community has to offer.

Milwaukee and its surrounding areas have long been a well-kept secret.  We’re a small but culturally rich town with old world charm and undeniable natural beauty.  Those on the outside looking in often say that our small corner of the world has been vastly underrated for decades, as our Chicago metropolis neighbors to the south stay in constant spotlight.  But, we, and anyone who’s ever passed through our home know just how bright we shine.

Most who don’t know better still associate Milwaukee with other decaying ghost towns of the Midwest.  But, that association couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a thriving, advanced community brought up from our early days as an agricultural port and brewing capital.  Wisconsin has always been an industry magnet as well as a point of intrigue to immigrants from the world over. We’re a pillar city that’s stood as an example for what the American dream can and should be.  

Even today, we’re experiencing a revival that has visitors flocking to our shores like never before thanks to the downtown building boom and influx of new hotels, shops, bars and restaurants.  Then there are our beautiful, diverse, walkable neighborhoods, each with their own personality and amenities. You can’t help but feel the excitement in the air. The buzz is contagious and optimistic.  So, it’s certainly no surprise that people are moving to our vibrant city and neighborhoods from major cities like Chicago, Nashville and Austin. Even our little lakefront neighborhood of Bay View and the Kinn Guesthouse is turning heads, as visitors are drawn to our hip bars, restaurants, crafts bungalows and our overall youthful vibe.  

Visitors are often pleasantly surprised at how hip and modern our city is.  With such diversity in our population, it keeps cultural activities, music and dining options vast and varied, rivaling many larger cities.  No matter what time of year it is, there’s always something new and exciting happening. It’s just such a cool place to be!

Of course, we’ve always known how great it is to live, work and play here.  We’re a Midwestern city built of an impressive mix of both historic and modern designs that feels like a coastal escape, complete with sailboats, beaches and ongoing festivals in every neighborhood.  It’s also affordable and down to earth, a place where artists, musicians, foodies, businesses and dreamers can all thrive. And those Lake Michigan views – the just can’t be beat! What’s not to love?

Milwaukee has always had a strong identity.  And, we are just thrilled to share it and our Bay View community with the rest of the world!