When it comes to planning a trip and traveling to new places, the process can be overwhelming at times.  Certainly, you want to know a little about the town, how to get around, what you might like to do, where you should stay, etc.  But, don’t let yourself get bogged down by every last little detail. Planning a trip comes in stages, so just take it one step at a time, and don’t be afraid to just go with the flow.

If you happen to be someone who simply can’t hit the road without putting together some kind of concrete plan, we’ve got some helpful tips for planning your own personal travel guide.  So, as you look forward to your next trip (and we do recommend adding Bay View to your list!), here are some considerations for each step of the planning process:

  • Conceptualize – Before you even start thinking about how an itinerary might shape up, go through the fun, exciting process of brainstorming.  Just start collecting ideas of what you think you might like to do, and don’t limit yourself. Do some research, ask around, hit the internet search engines, look around on Pinterest boards, check local city calendars for events, etc.  And, make notes as you find things that interest you until you have a big list.
  • Narrow Down – Now that you have a list of possibilities, it’s time to narrow it down to a few key things that you actually have time for during your trip, as there’s inevitably never enough time to do everything in one trip.  To help narrow your list, consider grouping sights, tours, and ideas around specific places. This way, you don’t needlessly waste too much time in transit. It’s also helpful to look up some of the finer details at this point, like checking to see if your chosen activities, places, events, etc. are even available on the dates of your stay.    
  • Consult Calendar – Now, before you completely commit to your narrowed down list, look at the exact number of days you have available during your trip.  This will allow you to really see what you can fit in and realistically see. Just ask yourself how you want to spend each available day.  And, trust us, you won’t want to try to cram everything in! Be sure to give yourself some breathing room to really take your time and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Mark it Down – With your days and activities starting to fall into place, now you’re ready to start looking at things in terms of a rough itinerary.  Look at each day, make your desired list for each day, and don’t forget to account for travel days. This planning stage requires a bit of organization, as you’ll surely be moving things around once you see them written out on the calendar as an actual timeline.
  • Consider Transportation – With your rough itinerary in place, the next step is to make sure that you can actually get to all of the places you want to see.  First, how will you be traveling to your destination? How do you plan to get around once you arrive at your destination? Is there public transit?  Will you need to rent a car? Once you know the situation, you can plan routes and make flight and/or car reservations.
  • Budget – With most considerations now accounted for, it’s time to look at your budget.  It’s at this stage that you’ll really be able to dig into researching places to stay that meet your budget requirements.  But, before you book anything, be sure you do your homework, checking everything from location, to amenities, to customer reviews.  Then, factor your chosen stay into your transportation costs and any possible event or tour bookings, and make sure your budget aligns.  And, don’t forget to factor in those extra travel costs like food and shopping.

Now that you’ve planned your own personal travel guide, only one question remains – Are you excited?  Exploring a new place, no matter how near or far, is always thrilling! So, when you’re ready to plan your trip to Bay View and the greater Milwaukee area, we look forward to helping you plan and experience your perfect getaway.