social distancing during travel, milwaukee hotels

Travel hygiene has never been more important than it is now. Unlike some of the larger Milwaukee hotels, Kinn Guesthouse makes it easy to maintain social distancing and adhere to the guidance offered by such organizations as the Center for Disease Control and our own Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

If you’re looking for the safest accommodations available, consider Kinn Guesthouse. When we say “zero contact,” we mean it. We’ve been doing it this way for years! 

Lately, though, we have been going above and beyond the usual. Throughout the property, we have provided you with masks and hand sanitizer. We’ve established processes for contactless deliveries, and we’ve set forth guidelines for the number of people who should be in our common areas at any given time.

…and if that’s still not enough, we invite you to consider a guesthouse buyout!

Private Group Bookings for the Ultimate in Social Distancing During Travel

If you are traveling with a group and wish to prevent exposure to other travelers, be sure to check out our Group Bookings option. We can tell you with absolute confidence that you won’t find this kind of convenience at any of the other Milwaukee hotels. Our group services are unrivaled, not only in our local area but across the United States.

Contact us to learn more about single suite or group bookings. As always, we promise you will get the best available rates when you book directly with us