As we ourselves have taken note, the hotel industry is experiencing a boom in pet-friendly guest experiences.  It’s a feature that we, here at Kinn Guesthouse, and countless others are offering travelers and their four-legged companions.  And, we’re finding that this is one feature that’s winning over new customers coming from both near and far. So, why are we and so many countless others offering this amenity?

Each year, people spend billions of dollars just on their pets, and that number is only going to continue to rise as travelers are specifically seeking out accommodations for the entire family.  From a hotel owner’s perspective, this is fantastic news, as those offering pet-friendly stays have an easier time convincing travelers to book rooms at their property since the majority of hotels still don’t offer this convenience.  Of course, we think that this will soon change, and more and more places will start to go the extra mile to make sure that their guests and their furry travelers have a comfortable and unforgettable experience. After all, that’s what keeps customers coming back for more!  

Staying in a Pet-Friendly Hotel in Milwaukee

So, just what does “pet-friendly” mean?  Well, for many hotels it means that they offer such amenities as including food dishes, water bowls, outdoor doggy parks and play areas, and some even offer walking trails.  More than these basic amenities, there are multiple benefits for pet owners to visit pet-friendly hotels, and that’s just the bonus on top of all of the great human amenities and benefits!  Here are some of the reasons why you should book with a pet-friendly stay:

  • Convenience – If you’re coming into town and want to explore with your pet by your side, then our Guesthouse is the perfect place for you!  We’re conveniently located to all of the excitement and relaxation, so you and your furry loved one can save both time and money on transportation.  Plus, it sure makes going out for walks much more interesting for you both with all that there is to see and do around Bay View, not to mention how much love your little companion will receive from the community!  Just, don’t forget to bring a leash.
  • Spacious Accommodations – Here at the Guesthouse, we pride ourselves on providing guests with spacious and clean rooms.  Our staff works hard to make sure that every single room not only meets your standards but exceeds them.  So, when you book with us, you can count on a roomy, relaxing, pet-friendly room that you’ll both love.
  • Savings – When you book with a pet-friendly hotel, you save money, and who doesn’t love saving money?  You see, one of the greatest advantages of booking a pet-friendly hotel is that you don’t have to pay an extra fortune to board your pet while you’re away.  All you have to pay is one price, and you and your pet can relax safely together. And, it’s just a great way to spend extra quality time with your best four-legged companion.    
  • Family Time – Staying in a pet-friendly hotel means that you get to spend time with the whole family!  Everyone loves the feeling of creating new and exciting family memories, and there’s no reason why your pet can’t be a part of that.

Pet-friendly amenities are all about creating inclusive family experiences that will keep guests coming back for years to come.  What makes you happy, makes us happy, and we know you and your pet will love staying at the Kinn Guesthouse!