Finding those Zen moments in life should be treasured, as peace of mind these days can be tricky to come by with everything in constant motion.  But, the truth is that you can achieve a Zen-like state anytime, anywhere, and for however long your wish to enjoy your moment of bliss. You just have to take the time to seek it out.

Zen is a total state of awareness that brings you closer with who you are, your surroundings, your overall purpose in life, and so much more.  It’s a state that when achieved revitalizes and energizes your mind, body, and, soul. Many believe that you can better achieve this state simply through the act of traveling, meeting new people, and having new experiences.  And guess what – you can achieve this state of mind absolutely anywhere, even right here in the Milwaukee area!

So, if you’re looking for a moment of inner peace while on your zen travel, here are some of our top local picks for you:

Boerner Botanical Gardens (9400 Boerner Drive)

There’s nothing more peaceful than getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air.  Become one with nature at the Boerner Botanical Gardens. These gorgeous grounds are home to thousands of colorful plants that come to life with each changing of the season across 12 formal gardens.  Quiet your mind and find your inner peace with a stroll through the rose garden, the daylily garden, and the peony garden, or explore beneath the crabapples after enjoying a calming treat from the café.  

Milwaukee Zen Center (2825 N Stowell Ave.)

The Zen Center is a place for all to come meditate, reflect, and study to inspire an inner awakening, mindfulness, and compassionate action.  People of all experience levels and interests are invited to join and learn the practice of Zen. In addition to providing guided meditation sessions, workshops and more, the Center also leads cooking classes where the goal is to inspire cooks and bakers to realize their capacity to nourish their own minds, bodies and souls as well as others through their labors in the kitchen.  

Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center (1922 E Park Pl.)

If you’re new to the practice of meditation, the Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center is ready to help you find your inner Zen.  The Center is a Buddhist sangha open to the joining together of communities and people who share the value of mindfulness. They offer accessible and approachable classes for beginners who want to learn more about meditation and where to start their journey.  The Center also has an inspired lending library full of books on the art of mindfulness, meditation, philosophy, Buddhism, and more.

Creating Wellness Center (204 E Capitol Dr. Ste. 109)

Creating Wellness Center offers many different modalities that range from Reiki to Massage Therapy and spiritual workshops.  Their goal is to help people alleviate everyday stress and tension. They take a holistic approach when it comes to discussions and practices of health and well-being, as their overall mission is to help humanity shift and grow.

Come Alive (3073 S Chase Ave.)

This Zen spot offers services that specialize in the stimulation of the body’s own health-regulating and energy flow mechanisms for natural healing of the body and mind.  To energize the body, Come Alive offers Thai Yoga classes that specifically help those suffering from sluggishness, overly tight muscles, exercise exhaustion, stress-related tension, physically demanding jobs, and more.  They also teach higher brain living through Energize the Mind sessions. These sessions benefit those who are struggling to keep their sanity and emotions in check to hone focus on setting goals and living an overall happier and healthier life.  Their programs provide a firm foundation of confidence and inner peace that you can call upon when facing the inevitable challenges that life throws in your path.  

Enjoy finding your moment of Zen!