Bay View – and the greater Milwaukee, in general – is a wonderful city that we locals are very proud to call home.  It’s an eclectic place that’s full of life, adventure, entertainment, and plenty of quirks. There’s so much we want to share with the Milwaukee travelers visiting our little corner of the world for the first time, but in this post, we’re simply going to let you in on a few native secrets to help you better understand and enjoy your stay.  So, here are a few fun facts, just so you know!

Milwaukee Slang

Milwaukee is a big city, and like any established metropolitan area, it’s developed its own unique language and terminology.  Some of our slang is even known to make visitors do a double take, as they try to decipher the hidden meaning. So, we’re going to break down some of the more common terms you may hear during your visit:

  • Cheesehead – While not a particular favorite of some locals, this is probably the most widely known term among out-of-towners.  A cheesehead is a nickname for a Wisconsin resident. But, don’t think that some of us don’t wear those famed foam cheese hats without pride!     
  • Soda – While the favorite sugary, sweet carbonated beverage has many different names across the various regions of America, here in Milwaukee we simply call a soda, a soda.   
  • Bubbler – Bubblers refer to drinking fountains, most commonly those that stream water.  But, this term is also used to refer to any kind of drinking fountain.
  • Brat – In Milwaukee, brat is short for bratwurst, our most treasured food staple.  This spicy German sausage is held up to near-religious stature and can be found at almost every event, gathering, restaurant, lake-side picnic – you name it!  And, for those truly dedicated to the art of cooking a Milwaukee brat, they’re boiled in beer and onions before hitting the grill for that perfect char.
  • Eh – “Eh” is how we like to punctuate verbal conversation to let others know we’re done talking.  So, if you want to sound like a native, just throw an “eh” at the end of your sentence, whether you’re simply making a statement or asking a question.  Easy enough, eh?
  • Tyme Machine – This is probably the most confusing one to out-of-towners, as it refers to an ATM.  That’s right! The money machine got its nickname from the company, Tyme, that started ATMs in the area years ago.  

Milwaukee Staples

Everyone knows that if you want to find some good eats, Milwaukee’s where it’s at!  And, just like our unique slang, there are a few can’t miss food staples you’ll hear thrown about as you explore the town.  The two most important that you need to know about (in addition to the above-mentioned brat) are:

  • Frozen Custard – Frozen custard is one of those unique delights that can only be found in a handful of cities across the country.  For those who don’t know, frozen custard is a delicious treat made with cream and eggs, and here in Milwaukee, it’s an absolute staple, even in the freezing cold.     
  • Fish Fries – If you go anywhere on a Friday night, you’re certain to run into fish fries, one of the most dominate dishes in the region.  Sure, other cities like their seafood, but trust us – you won’t find a population more dedicated to this cuisine than right here in Milwaukee.  And, man, do things get competitive when it comes to finding fish fries around here. Whether baked, beer-battered, offered with French fries or potato pancakes, you simply can’t go wrong – unless you’re late to the table!  

So, now that you know how to speak and eat like a local, are you ready to book your visit?  If so, be sure to check out the latest (and best) rates and availability. We always guarantee the best rates and special offers right here on our website!