With Christmas just around the corner, it’s hard to believe we’ll soon be celebrating the end of another year and holiday season.  So, what better way to celebrate than with a New Year’s Eve getaway with your closest friends? We understand that travel around the holidays can be a bit stressful as it requires quite a bit of pre-planning, especially when traveling with a group, but there’s nothing better than that feeling of everything coming together for a nice relaxing vacation.  

That’s why we’re here to help you take the stress out of your post-holiday travels for a more enjoyable experience focused on simply treating yourself and your favorite travel companions.  So, as you start making travel arrangements for your group this New Year’s, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure fun for everyone:     

  • Consider Everyone’s Budget – Planning any getaway is exciting, sure, but don’t forget that New Year’s Eve, post-holiday travel budgets may vary from person to person within your group.  You’ll want to make sure that everyone has been carefully considered so that no one gets left out of all the fun. It’s a good idea to have each person in your group take some time during the planning phase to map out their own getaway budget lists to meet both the expected travel costs, planned destination activities, and all of those unexpected bits and pieces that are sure to pop up.  Once this group information is gathered, you can set a tentative group budget, and plan your New Year’s Eve activities.   
  • Stay Organized – With finances out of the way, now comes the fun part – planning your itinerary!  While you certainly want everyone’s input, the fact is that once everyone comes to a consensus on the desired activities, someone’s going to have to take charge of the logistics.  In these instances, we find that it’s best to designate a ‘leader’ of the group who is well organized, can handle all of the bookings, and of course, enjoys playing the role of travel coordinator.  This simply takes the hassle out of the inevitable and often hair-pulling back and forth that comes with trying to figure out who did what. 
  • Get Social – Traveling with a group often comes with all kinds of exciting perks and discounts.  For instance, if you follow the social channels of your chosen means of transportation, hotels, destination activities, etc., you can stay informed of specials, rewards, and travel deals being offered.  If you can find them, group rates are always a great way to save money and ensure that everyone in your group can be accommodated for all of your chosen stays and activities.  
  • Think Food – While transportation and hotel costs are likely to take up a good chunk of your budget, don’t forget the other biggie – food!  Most travelers forget to appropriately budget for food and drink, though that’s where the majority of your stay costs will actually go.  You need to consider where you’ll be dining out, how often, and whether or not you need to book in advance (and don’t forget to ask for group-dining rates).  For those staying with us here at the Kinn Guesthouse, you don’t have to look far for an exceptional dining experience. Kindred, our acclaimed restaurant right here on the premises is the perfect dining option for groups, as it’s already designed as a communal setting for all to come together and bond over delicious cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. 

With these simple group travel tips in mind, you and your travel companions are sure to have a stress-free and enjoyable getaway focused on spending quality time together. 

Don’t forget that when looking for the perfect place to stay in Milwaukee, our Kinn Guesthouse offers excellent group bookings. So, get ahead of the post-holiday rush, and book your New Year’s Eve group stay with us, today!  We look forward to being your host!