Whether you’re gathering for a wedding, a business retreat, or getting your whole family together for a reunion and quality time, if you’re looking for a fully customized, personalized event experience, there’s no better option than a hotel buyout at Kinn Guesthouse. Hotel buyouts are a chance for you and your group to enjoy your stay in an undisturbed manner for a more bonded, relaxing, one-of-a-kind experience.   

Here at Kinn Guesthouse, we offer this unique opportunity to our guests and guest group functions. Just think of the possibilities! There are many reasons why our Guesthouse is perfect for your next event or gathering, and we’re going to look at five of those reasons you’ll want to explore the option of booking the whole place just for you and your guests:  

  • Personalized Experience – Here at Kinn Guesthouse, our goal is to provide all of our guests a highly personalized experience, and we extend this personalization to our guests staying as part of large groups. Whether for business or pleasure, when you secure an entire hotel for your event, you’re essentially getting the keys to the castle. This means you can plan an entire function that is specifically tailored toward what you are looking to accomplish. As our guests, you will have our undivided attention, and we can even help oversee your customized program or itinerary according to your group’s needs.  
  • Immersive Experience – Buyouts allow for a fully immersive experience reflective of the destination and its unique community and culture. Our Kinn Guesthouse team can help you plan an exciting stay with expert insight.  We can help you plan not only an exceptional event gathering at our Guesthouse but share city insight from a local perspective guiding you towards the best of the best our city has to offer. 
  • Promote Camaraderie – If you’re putting together a work function, buyouts can help to promote interaction and build camaraderie.  It’s an opportunity for people to just wander and mingle, as everyone knows they are there for the same reason. 
  • Promote Branding – Buyouts also allow for a unique branding opportunity.  With an entire property at your disposal, you can get creative with meeting set-ups.  Instead of simply hosting a lunch or reception in your typical conference room, planners can consider utilizing all areas of a hotel and implementing company logos, mission statements, colors, etc. in fun and interesting ways.  
  • Ultimate Privacy – Whether for a company launch party, intimate wedding, or something in between, buyouts provide privacy and exclusivity.  This means you get a completely tailored experience without the need to compete for attention from hotel attendants, plus you don’t have to worry about strangers coming and lurking about your event.  

There are so many wonderful advantages to hotel buyouts that allow you and your guests to enjoy a private, fully immersive experience.  Contact our team for more information on how to book your next big event at Kinn Guesthouse, and together we’ll work to create a tailored, unforgettable stay for you and your guests.