Business travel in Milwaukee doesn’t have to be all work and no play.  We understand that it can be difficult to see it as anything but a chore sometimes, with the stress of being on time for flights, finding a place to stay, and still actually having to work.  It’s certainly no holiday, but trust us when we tell you that business travel doesn’t have to be all bad.

There are several ways you can keep the joy and interest in traveling even while you work. 

Making the Most of Your Milwaukee Business Trip

Keep a Routine

Part of what can make business travel so stressful is that it throws us off the routines that we rely on day in and day out.  So, instead of just throwing yours out the window as soon as you step on that next flight, stick to a set routine (as much as possible).  It will keep you sane!  Of course, you can’t expect business travel to be like any other day at work. You can make adjustments, however, like creating a routine for organizing your belongings between destinations.  This alone will save you time and stress in the long-run because you’ll always know exactly where to find everything.  

Make Use of the Latest Technologies

From apps to wireless headphones, to mobile hotspot devices, just about everything you could need when traveling is just a click away.  Take advantage of it.  There are a few things in particular that can help make your travel stress-free and more enjoyable.  For instance, at Kinn Guesthouse MKE, our guests enjoy free WiFi and Apple TV.  It makes working on the go so easy, and it keeps you entertained in the moments between.

Make Time for Relaxation

This is an obvious tip, but nonetheless one worth pointing out, because the key to more enjoyable travel is simple.  If you want to enjoy business travel, just relax.  You might go out for a drink at a local bar, treat yourself to a nice dinner downstairs at Kindred on KK, or just make use of your lodging amenities.  However you choose to unwind, simply make a point to do so, and do it every time you venture away from home for work.    

See Something New

If you enjoy sightseeing and experiencing the local culture of your travel destinations, then Bay View is the place to be.  Too often business travelers simply miss out on everything that makes Bay View so special.  That just seems so silly, but it’s true.  They just rarely get to experience any of it outside of the four walls of their hotel, but we want to encourage you to make a point to see something new on every trip!  Make your work trips memorable by living in the moment.  

Travelling for business doesn’t just have to be about work the entire time.  You can make it more enjoyable, starting with making the choice to stay at Kinn Guesthouse MKE the next time your work brings you to Milwaukee. View our suites and availability here