Here at the Kinn Guesthouse, we truly believe in the work of our local Milwaukee artists. We have designed our gorgeous space to be your home away from home, and with that, we’ve added that extra special touch that can only be accomplished with the help of our city’s top talent. Art is a way to bring a space together and evoke an emotionally, relaxed, creative state.  In fact, art has many scientifically proven benefits on your health.  

There is a much deeper reason to why people display works of art in and around their lives, from their homes, to our workplaces, to guest spaces, vacant spaces, and beyond.  Art plays an integral role in all of our lives, even when we’re unaware of its presence. It’s far more than just filler or decorative pieces thrown about to cover space. It, in all of its different mediums and themes, makes us feel happy, calm, curious, generous, productive, invested – all things that work wonders on our mental state, well-being, and overall disposition. 

In our Kinn Guesthouse, we have brought in a carefully selected collection to not only enhance your experience within our boutique hotel but to help you more fully, emotionally enjoy your overall stay while away from home.  We believe that a hotel is more than just a building with rooms and beds. Art should be a part of the overall package and experience. We believe modern guest spaces should be evolved spaces that cater to your state of being, a space that leaves a lasting, positive impression.  Art at the Guesthouse is fundamental, not just ornamental, designed to deepen emotional connectivity.    

We believe art is a great means to start a conversation, and it reveals great insight into the communities from which they were created.  Take our featured pieces, for example. All of our pieces are from local artists. We know that many of our guests have busy schedules when they come into town, whether here on business or pleasure, and might not have the time to explore local galleries or even have the thought cross their mind.  So, we bring the local flavor to you. We get to showcase some beautiful works that are essentially here as your own personal gallery tour. From the comfort of your own room, you can explore, wonder, think, feel, and just enjoy the stories of the pieces we’ve selected for your viewing pleasure.      

We are proud to feature the works of the following local Milwaukee artists:

  • Holly Harnischfeger:  Holly’s paintings are designed to let your mind freely wander.  They are strong, and they are quiet, allowing the viewer to calmly explore their own narrative.  
  • Anton Carter:  Anton is a painter whose work comes from the depths of his mind.  He believes the most creative works come about with less conscious thought and more instinctual action.  
  • Stephanie Bartz:  Stephanie’s photographs tell stories.  Her works capture honest, unassuming moments that are infused with playfulness, spontaneity, wit, love, and laughter – feelings that translate into each frame.  

The Kinn Guesthouse features a wide variety of work from local artists to enhance your overall experience.  And, best of all, if you see what you like and are interested in purchasing a piece, we can help you take home a piece of these stunning comforts so that you can carry your relaxed stay and state of mind with you all the way home.