Catching a Milwaukee Brewers game at Miller Park is such a great experience.  But, tailgating at Miller Park is an absolutely essential part of the Brewers baseball experience – almost a rite of passage!  And Brewers’ fans have turned tailgating into an art form. Trust us, you just don’t want to miss out!

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Tailgaiting: Not Just for Football Fans!

From canvas tents and carpets to full grills cooking up chef-style menus, to scattered coolers and fold out tables loaded with more of your basic drugstore snack foods, every tailgater has their own particular style.  But, no matter how fans choose to worship at the baseball diamond, there are a few basic rules that they stick to while enjoying game day at Miller Park. So, here’s what every new tailgater should know:

Parking – To make the most of your Miller Park tailgating experience, park early.  Lots open three hours before first pitch, and they do fill up fast. We suggest getting there as early as possible to snag a coveted spot close to the ballpark entrance so you can fully take in the atmosphere.    

Brats, Not Burgers – At Miller Park, bratwursts are the choice meat to grill.  Every skilled Brewers chef knows how to perfectly char Milwaukee’s favorite sausage or even a cheddarwurst.    

Save Room for Ballpark Food – While it’s certainly tempting to fill up on tailgating goodies before the game, don’t forget to save room for ballpark fare.  This is, after all, one of the great joys of visiting Miller Park. Fans will tell you, there’s nothing better than a Klement’s bratwurst topped with sauerkraut and Secret Stadium Sauce.  

Drink Local – Everyone enjoys a nice cold beer on game day, but locals will warn you to leave the Imperial IPAs at home, and opt for something local and seasonal.  Hot summer days and high ABV beers just don’t’ mix well if you plan on making it through the first few innings of the game. Try a low ABV brew from one of Milwaukee’s growing list of breweries.     

Sharing – The parking lot atmosphere while tailgating at Miller Park is all about brotherly love and community.  So, don’t be surprised if park goers drop in asking to borrow some lighter fluid, matches, a bottle opener, some charcoal, etc.  Some may even ask to share a beer or two.

Be Considerate – As parking and tailgating space is pretty tight, don’t forget to be considerate of your neighbors.  Try to be as respectful of others as possible, even visiting rival fans, by keeping conversations friendly and music turned to a reasonably low volume.  Remember, everyone just wants to have a good time.

Photos with Legends – You can’t end your tailgating experience without first taking a picture with the statues of Robin Yount or Hank Aaron.  These legends reside near the home plate entrance, so you have to stop and pay your respects. Then, be sure to stop by the Workers Monument that honors all of those who built the spectacular Miller park.   

Clean Up – Before heading into the ballpark for the game, be sure to clean up your tailgating area with plenty of time to witness first pitch.  And, don’t linger outside of the stadium too long. Miller Park rules actually dictate that tailgating ends 30 minutes after the start of the game.  

May the best team win!