As we all huddle for warmth inside in this extreme winter weather, there is finally a bright light on the horizon!  That’s right, the seventh annual Burnhearts Mitten Fest is this weekend, right here in Bay View, and we couldn’t be more excited!  

This Saturday, parts of Logan and Potter avenues will be closed to host this most beloved community festival from noon until 8 p.m.  It’s everyone’s favorite break-out from the cruel, winter cold (though don’t be fooled; it will still be cold!), and a chance to get outdoors to celebrate with your family, friends, and neighbors.  There will be live music, food from Iron Grate, Lumpia City, Fox Fire, Drift, Honeypie, and more, as well as all kinds of drinks and craft beer, including rare and limited beers from Central Waters and Founders, Vander Mill’s “Totally Roasted” hard cider, barrel old fashioneds, Korbel and Tullamore, Dew & Valentine Coffee “Irish Dream,” ginger brandy, and so much more.  

Even in the brief years that Mitten Fest has been around, it has quickly become one of Milwaukee’s favorite and most highly anticipated winter festivals.  And, that’s saying something given that the whole party goes down outdoors in the bitter cold. Needless to say, just as the name itself hints, you’ll want to dress appropriately to get your fest on this weekend!  Of course, if you need to thaw out, there will be heaters scattered throughout the grounds, and Burnhearts will be open for business as well as other favorite neighborhood spots, including the Kinn Guesthouse. After all, this celebration is all about supporting the local community, so be sure to explore while you get your party on, and take some time to go check out some of the surrounding area’s favorite haunts.  

One of the biggest draws of Mitten Fest, of course, is its eclectic live music lineup.  And, this year’s musical acts definitely won’t disappoint with something for absolutely everyone and every taste.  This year’s stellar acts include:

  • Abby Jeanne
  • Vincent Van Great
  • Surgeons In Heat
  • Cashfire Sunset
  • Nickel & Rose

And, don’t forget the real reason we celebrate Mitten Fest, as it’s a fantastic charity event designed to support our community.  Sure, the festival is a reason to shake off the winter blues and party, and it brings in a massive boost to local businesses, but it’s about so much more than that.  Mitten Fest is a wonderful philanthropic gathering and opportunity for the community to support charities like Hunger Task Force. The event benefits this altruistic cause with huge donations of clothing, food and cash.  

So, bring those positive vibes, give back to our beloved community, and show your strength against mother nature’s forceful cold as we celebrate the last full month of winter.  Just don’t forget to bundle up so that you can spend some time outside this weekend, having a good time, meeting new people and making lasting memories, Milwaukee! We can’t wait to see you all out there!  Happy Mitten Fest!