Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to capture our beloved city in all of its natural beauty or the casual Instagrammer looking to snap memories to share with friends and family, we’ve got the go-to guide to capture Bay View and Milwaukee in all of its glory!  From the top of the Milwaukee Central Library’s roof to the lesser-known, community favorite hotspots, there are so many incredible sights around this city that your inner shutterbug absolutely can’t miss. Here are some of our favorite spots:

Bay View Park (3120 S. Lake Dr.)

A favorite of ours here at the Guesthouse, the views from Bay View Park are just gorgeous!  The park juts out far enough east so that you can see the entirety of Milwaukee’s skyline and water-frontage.  And, if you want to be on the water, you can just head down the main path to the water’s edge where you’ll find a beautiful sandy, pebble beach along with the best views of the city.

Milwaukee Public Library’s Central Library Roof (814 W. Wisconsin Ave.)

This is one view you’re absolutely not going to want to miss!  If you make your way to the rooftop of the Milwaukee Public Library’s Central Library, you’ll find 33,000 square feet of green space above the Business and Periodicals Room.  To access this gorgeous space, all you have to do is request a spot on one of the library’s scheduled tours. Tours are offered twice a week through the end of October, so reserve your spot before the bitter cold sets in.

Kilbourn Reservoir Park (Kilbourn Reservoir Park, N. Bremen St.)

As North Avenue curves through Kilbourn Reservoir Park, most passersby don’t stop to notice the beautiful view of Milwaukee at the southern part of the park.  But, trust us, it’s well worth it! As you walk through the park, head to the path on the south end where you’ll be able to look out over the Milwaukee River to the Lower East Side of Milwaukee and the surrounding area.  

South Shore Park (2900 S. Shore Dr.)

If you head slightly south of downtown Milwaukee, you’ll find South Shore Park and a nice view of the city.  For the best camera angle, head down to the path along the beach for views of both the South Shore Yacht Club and the Milwaukee skyline.  It’s not the best spot to enjoy the beach itself, but it’s a great place to walk around and snap some beautiful photos.

North Point Lighthouse (2650 N. Wahl Ave.)

The recently renovated North Point Lighthouse is now open to the public, and on weekends from 1-4 p.m., you can climb the 74-foot-tall tower for all around views of Lake Park, Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee.  It’s one spot so beautiful, you just won’t be able to put the camera down.

Brewer’s Hill (Hubbard Street and Vine Street in Brewer’s Hill)

If you’re out near Brewer’s Hill, the best place to capture the city skyline is from Hubbard Street.  Go for a nice stroll along Hubbard to catch views of Milwaukee from every angle.

MSOE Grohmann Museum (Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1000 N. Broadway)

If you’re looking from street level, you’ll just barely be able to make out the bronze sculptures that sit on the roof of the Grohmann Museum.  But, if you make your way to the rooftop, you’ll be able to take in these grand statues against a lovely backdrop of the Milwaukee skyline.

Milwaukee and the surrounding areas are just so beautiful, that you can really go anywhere and find a perfect photo-worthy moment.  So, while you’re in town, let your inner photographer come out, and explore!