Local Artists

Kinn Guesthouse features a wide variety of work from local artists. Interested in purchasing a piece? Follow the links below to each artists’ website for inquiry.

Holly Harnischfeger

From the artist: I want to be dropped off on the side of a road, then I could wander into someone else’s yard (or a stranger’s garden). I would not know where I am. I would not care because I know it would take me somewhere. I was born in a polaroid with lines around the edge. If you touch it with water the colors would run, leaving focus blurred. Except that this experience was wild enough (to shape a heart) so quiet and so strong. It made me strong. (It made me someone.) To conclude, I will never know it all but all I do want to know is how yellow and blue make green.


Anton Carter

From the artist: I am intrinsically committed to making things. Why stop? I started painting around the turn of the century and became fixated . I knew immediately that I would never stop painting.I typically work from the back of my mind. My best work,I believe, comes about with less conscious thought,more instinctual action.


Stephanie Bartz

Stephanie Bartz has been storytelling with her camera for 20+ years. She engages her subjects (kids, K9s, and grown-ups) by photographing on location and waiting patiently for moments to happen. Whether it’s photographing her subjects on land, in water, or even on the back of a motorcycle, Stephanie infuses her playfulness, wit, spontaneity, and love of laughter into her work.

Her work can be found in galleries, boutiques, and private collections throughout Wisconsin.

Specialties: She has experience shooting in moving cars, on a motorcycles, from water rafts, in a kayaks and also on land. Also, exercising patience with shy and or sassy kids, K9s, and grown-ups . Good at keeping surprise photo shoots hush- hush.

Stephanie can be reached at 414 640 7976