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About KinnMKE

A Family Ordeal

My grandfather ran The Drake Chicago (hotel), my father ran The Drake Oak Brook, so I couldn’t feel more proud, albeit in a far smaller way, to follow in their footsteps and to share our vision with all of you.

Behind the Scenes

Having resided in Wicker Park for many years, my wife and I, with an increasingly active 4 year old, began to feel the need to move out of the city.  As a lifelong Chicago native, I was firmly aware of what suburban Chicago had to offer and while most of my friends and family who still live there remain to be an almost insurmountable draw, we chose Milwaukee to raise our young son.

Drawn to a sense of community and it’s quaint, Midwestern charm reminiscent of the Chicago I remember as a child, we were inspired to take our dream and see it unfold here in Milwaukee.  With this, we packed up and headed north.   We sincerely look forward to meeting you all and sharing our dream here at Kinn Guesthouse.

The Community

Encounter the charm of Milwaukee’s flourishing Bay View neighborhood, the epicenter of the city’s culinary scene.

At Kinn you’ll discover a highly tailorable living experience with a bit of something for everyone.

Come to Kinn and visit Milwaukee on your own terms.